I had a neck lift a week ago. I had a noose like sensation that made it very difficult to eat.

Last night I lost my balance and fell backwards. I had a neck binder on (not sure what it called) that the doctor told me to wear as often as possible. however I did feel a strain on my neck. I do notice the left side is not as tight as the right side now and I do not have the noose sensation anymore.. Is this a co incident or could I have done something

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Thank you for your question, tracyg58. I am sorry to hear that you are feeling negative physical effects from your surgery. I suggest you consult with your board certified facial plastic surgeon to express your concerns. Keep in mind that you are a week out of surgery and you are in the early moments of your recovery process.

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Tight sensation lost one week after neck lift

It's difficult to judge but I would have some concern that you MAY have released some of the muscle tightening of your neck (plastysma muscle).  This may not be the case but the smart thing is to allow your surgeon to assess any changes and reassure you.  There are other possible explanations but let your doctor check you.  Regards.

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Neck lift tightness

A sensation of tightness after neck lift is very common and is an anticipated change.  There is always asymmetry between the right and the left side.  As long as it is not grossly asymmetric you have nothing to worry.  Also, at this time it is very early postoperative period.  Do not judge the tightness or the asymmetry at this time.


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Did I Mess Up My Facelift?

Thank you for sharing your concern. I would communicate this to your surgeon and seek his guidance. He will likely examine the area closely at the next follow-up. The likelihood of injury depends on the technique used and how the flap was suspended. Overall, the likelihood of complete release of the suspension is low, but stretching/partial release is possible. I hope this helps and rapid recovery. Take care. 

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Neck lift - tightness loosened after a neck strain.

Thank you for asking about your neck lift.

  • Your own surgeon will need to examine you and advise you.
  • Generally the sutures in a neck lift are strong - but strange things can happen.
  • Always see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.
Hope you find this information helpful. Best wishes.

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I had a neck lift a week ago. I had a noose like sensation that made it very difficult to eat.

Only in person second opinion examinations would apply to discuss the tightness in your postpone neck lift.

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Noose sensation

This is not unusualk following a necklift.The chin strap you wear is to minimize the swelling.The tighteness may be due to sutures your doctor placed in your neck and will go away after  awhile.

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Neck lift tightness

It is impossible to tell without being able to physically examine you. Since there has been an acute change postoperatively, I recommend seeing your surgeon as soon as possible so he/she can advise you. It is possible that with a sudden tension and strain in the neck at a suture can pull free or snap. Again, only with an exam can one determine if this is likely the case.
Best of luck!
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Injury after neck lift

I advise you to go in and see your plastic surgeon as you should be evaluated in person. It is possible that when you fell you pulled out/ broke loose internal sutures. 

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