Had vaginal rejuvenation eight weeks ago. My boyfriend and I had sex for the first time and he got a cut?

Had vaginal rejuvenation eight weeks ago. My boyfriend and I had sex for the first time since surgery. He has a small cut/slice on the tip of his penis. What could cause it?Could it be a stitch that hasn't dissolved?Could it be because my vagina was so tight? it took us time to get Full penetration.

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Boyfriend cut after vaginal rejuvenation

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Hi and thnk you for your question.  This is a bit unusual but you should see your surgeon for a full evaluation.  My guess is that the inner vaginal sutures may not yet be completely resorbed and may have caused the abrasion. A thorough exam will help determine what is going on and if anything needs to be done. 
I hope this helps!

Scott M GulinsonMD
Obgyn and Cosmetic Vaginal Surgeon
Glendale, AZ

Boyfriend gets cut 8 weeks after vaginal rejuvenation

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Thanks for sharing. It is difficult to say why you got cut without an evaluation.  Your situation is extremely rare and unusual but it certainly is possible that you have suture remaining especially the tied suture or knots of the suture.  The multiple knots can make the suture harder and subject ones spouse to trauma but again this is extremely rare.  A good physical exam by your surgeon could possibly answer the unexplained.  Usually if your vagina is too tight the result would not be that he gets cut but instead you would have pain that would stop you from completing intercourse.

John R Miklos MD
Urogynecologist & Cosmetic Vaginal Surgery
Atlanta ~ Beverly Hills ~ Dubai

Penis versus vaginoplasty suture knots

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The deep muscles of the vagina are typically sutured with long lasting sutures of thick material similar to fishing line. If the knots are directed toward the vaginal canal and the ends of the knots are left a little too long, they will act like needles and injure the penis. You have two options: have the stitches removed or wait for them to dissolve. If you wait, it will take almost six months. I use specialized self locking knotless sutures and multi-layer muscular reconstruction to avoid this issue.

Vaginal Rejuvenation and partner issues

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Thank you for you inquiry. This sounds like a very rare occurrence, and is not normal. It would be recommended that you get a thorough exam to evaluate what may be causing this issue for you and your partner.

Cut post vaginal tightening.

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Thank you for your question.   It is unusual for this to occur but I would recommend seeing your surgeon and having make sure that all sutures are dissolved.Best of luck.

Post Coital cut after vaginal rejuvenation

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Good afternoon and thank you for this inquiry. To get to the root of your situation would require your surgeon to perform a thorough exam of which looking for an undissolved stitch would be something to look for. At 8 weeks post surgery most all sutures should be dissolved by then unless a "permanent suture" was used as part of your procedure again this is something your surgeon would know to look for. If in fact this resulted from being "too tight" the pain/discomfort would have been such that you would not have been able to complete coitus. 
Wishing you well moving forward.

Paul Pietro, MD
Greenville Physician

Why did my boyfriend get cut after VR surgery?

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The most likely cause is a suture that did not fully dissolve.  Your surgeon can do a physical exam of your vaginal wall and feel if there is an area that is sharp or hard.  (I have also seen this with women that have piercings of their genitalia.)

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