Horizontal crease/pleat at top of earlobe after neck lift. (Photo)

I am three days post necklift and have a very noticable crease at the edge of the hair incision line to my eye. Is this something that sometimes happens? It looks like tension to me. I noticed it immediately after surgery but dismissed it thinking it would go away but it has only become worse. Will it self resolve or does something (what?) need to be done? Thank you for any answers?

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Horizontal crease/pleat at top of earlobe after neck lift.

Thank you for your question.  It's still very early after surgery and it is common to have small lumps and bumps, swelling, etc. especially near the incisions.  Things settle down with time.  Be sure to follow up with your surgeon regarding your concerns.  Congratulations on your surgery!

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Too early

You are only 3 days after surgery.  There is evidence of swelling.   Its always best to give your body time to
recover and follow up with your surgeon.

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