Whats the worst thing can happen if brace remove after 8 months? (photos)

Problem with 2 front teeth bite.Braces done 8 mos ago.Bite resolved.Only had 2 wear rubber band for a mo.Last appt with Ortho 2 mos ago ,ortho told me that there's a chance of removing braces sooner and I only have to wear rubber band at night which I am not doing it cuz look perfect now.Appt next week with Ortho I want my brace remove.I am 51 and I feel and look rediculous! Thank You

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Teeth can move back

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But they won't.  Wearing retainers will help keep teeth in the position they are when the retainers are made, or very close to that position.  The "worst" that could happen is they simply return to the starting point, but this is unlikely.  If there is movement, it often is minor.

However, rotated and extruded teeth need to be held in place for longer periods of time to develop the bone and soft tissues around them, normally 6 months.  Removing brackets too soon will allow the teeth to "go back" so it depends on the condition of the teeth when you started.

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