Problem sizing a compression garment when lipo on 2 areas?

I measure an XS in the waist and a 2XS in hips and thighs. I am having lipo soon of my abdomen/waist and also my outer, upper thighs. I tried my garment on in preparation and it is tight in the waist but maybe too loose in the thighs. Will my outer thighs not get the best results is the garment is not tight enough there? Any tips appreciated. Thank you.

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Thank you for yopur question.

In my opinion the garments play a very important part of your recovery and results as well. My suggestion is to get a garment that feels comfortable in the hip area, meaning that gives you that support that your surgeon wanted for you and then for the wait part you should get a separate one that just tighten and support your waist. This garment has an adjustable tape/band so it can be worn tighter or lighter on your waist. I suggest to wear a T-shirt under the garments for a more comfortable wear.

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Problem sizing a compression garment when lipo on 2 areas?

Hi Bluesky. You may want to check a different brand of garment. We have also suggested to patients that you may find a girdle at WalMart or a local store that should suffice. If you are having your waist and legs liposuctioned than you need to make sure you have a girdle. Most important thing to remember is that it does not need to be too tight.

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Problem sizing a compression garment when lipo on 2 areas?

I typically provide patients with an initial garment that is used upon completion of the procedure. The goal immediately after the procedure is gentle compression that allows for some swelling.

It's typically not a great idea to order all of your garments before the procedure, as your measurements may change as the swelling dissipates and you may go through several different sizes in the post operative period.

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