Are there any doctors in Palm Beach, Broward or Miami Dade County Florida that offer TT & BBL to patients with higher BMI?

In February I received Gastric Sleeve surgery and have lost over 60 pounds my desire is not to be skinny at all I want to be thick and curvy. I work out 4-5 days a week and have no health issues. This stomach sitting in my lap is annoying and my booty hiding in back has to end. I don't want to wait until next year to do anything about it. I'm not trying to have surgery tomorrow but I would definitely like to have by December as my Christmas Gift to myself.

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Think about what you are asking

There is a reason that most Plastic Surgeons do not perform that procedure on High BMI patients (>35). The reason is that the risks go up DRAMATICALLY and your LIFE IS AT RISK. Additionally, the results are usually marginal at best with high BMI patients. Listen to the voice of reason. Lose the weight first then do the rest.

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BBL TT with high BMI

Thanks for posting.   Several factors must be considered.  What is your BMI (or height and weight)?  Would you consider posting some pictures?  Higher risk patients might be candidate for in hospital procedure, but there is always higher risk than lower (under 30) BMI.  Good luck!

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Tt and bbl at higher BMI

Some studies in the plastic surgery literature show that higher BMI (over 30) is associated with more complications. Rates of infection, fat necrosis, contour irregularities, seromas, and poor scarring have all been shown to be higher in patients who are still higher than their ideal body weight. Also, if you lose more weight after your procedures, you will potentially recreate looseness to the skin that could "undo" your results. That said, not every patient with a high BMI has complications. Also, many patients will have a great result despite not being at an "ideal" body weight at the time of surgery.In my practice, I feel the risk usually outweighs the reward with patients who are over age 65 who also have a BMI over 35. For younger patients or patients with lower BMI, decisions are made on an individual basis depending on anatomy, how much more weight someone wants to lose, and overall health. I encourage you to schedule several consultations before choosing to move forward so you can be sure you are choosing the right procedures, with the right physician, at the right time to give you the outcome you are hoping for. Best wishes. 

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Are there any doctors in Palm Beach, Broward or Miami Dade County Florida that offer TT & BBL to patients with higher BMI?

I might but yu need to understand the very very high risks in doing any surgery on high BMI patients - from death to PE !!! Best to see a few expert PSs in SOUTH FL.

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