Can CoolSculpting cause hernias?

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Coolsculpting and Hernias

Coolsculpting will not cause a hernia since the only the fat is drawn into the applicator, not the muscle. If you think you may have a hernia, consult your physician before having a Coolsculpting procedure done as you do not want to cool sculpt over a hernia.

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Coolsculpting and Hernias

Coolsculpting does not cause hernias but may unmask a hernia that was not clinically apparent before the procedure.  Your physician should evaluate you before the procedure to see if you are a candidate for coolscupting and do a thorough exam.

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It wouldn’t cause a hernia as much as unmask one that was not clinically apparent before treatment as the defect in the muscular wall would have to already be present for a hernia to occur. Have your doctor evaluate you for a possible hernia before you have treatment.

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Can CoolSculpting Cause Hernias?

Thank you for your question. Coolsculpting does not cause hernia. I would recommend consulting with a Board Certified Dermatologist or Plastic Surgeon to give you the best treatment plan and make sure that you're a good candidate physically and medically. I hope this helps!

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CoolSculpting should not cause a hernia

CoolSculpting should not cause a hernia. I have heard of cases where hernias have manifest after Coolsculpting, though I have not seen this. In these rare cases I find it unlikely that Coolsculpting was the cause of the hernia and more likely that herniation was simply not noticed previously. CoolSculpting should not be done over a hernia however.

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Coolsculpting and hernias

Coolsculpting should not cause a hernia but should not be used over or in the area of a hernia. You should have the hernia fixed, then have the Coolsculpting performed afterwards. Good luck.

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Coolsculpting and hernia

CoolSculpting can exacerbate an pre-existing muscle weakness leading to a full manifestation of an abdominal hernia. This is rare according to Zeltique, but I have seen one in my practice. Treating an area with a hernia using CoolSculpting would be dangerous and is not to be done. Fix the hernia first. Good luck

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Don't CoolSculpt over a Hernia

Coolsculpting will not create a hernia, since only skin and the fat below the skin is drawn up into the applicator,  Coolsculpting should not be done over a pre-existing hernia where the contents of the hernia, extruding past the muscle, may be damage by the Coolsculpting treatment. It is important to check for a pre-existing hernia, such as an umbilical hernia, prior to treatment.

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It Is Not Recommended to Treat on or Around a Hernia

A hernia occurs when part of an internal structure bulges through a weakened area of the body cavity. Hernias are caused by a combination of structural weakness (both hereditary or secondary) and increased pressure (such as heavy lifting, straining, etc.) Treatment may cause new hernia formation or exacerbate pre-existing hernia, which may require surgical repair. Physicians should examine the patient for evidence of pre-existing abdominal or femoral hernia prior to use of device.

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Can CoolSculpting cause a hernia?

CoolSculpting should not cause a hernia in a normal individual but it should not be used over an area in a patient where there is an existing hernia.  

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