When will inframammary incisions feel normal, like I don't have sutures?

I had BA 4/3/14. Sientra 380cc silicone submuscular, inframammary. When I lift up my breasts, arch my back, stretch my arms up high I can still feel tightness and pulling at my incisions. How long does this usually last?It's uncomfortable because it feels like they're just going to rip open. No pain though. Healing is going great.

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Sore crease incisions after breast augmentation

Thank you for your inquiry about the tightness of your crease incisions.

The tightness that you describe is normal - and will persist for weeks after breast enlargement.
The sensation will gradually lessen but may not subside completely for 3 months, even longer.

Best wishes.

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How long do I feel pulling near the incision under the breast

Feeling of pulling may last several weeks to months depending on the seizure that was used and how much scar tissue your body forms around it. As long as you go to your follow-up appointments and make sure your doctor has no concerns it usually isn't a big deal to feel this pulling, and it does go away over time. 

Dana Goldberg, MD
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When will inframammary incisions feel normal, like I don't have sutures?

Since we did not do the operation and do not know the suture material used we can ONLY guess that at least 3 months may be needed before this issue is resolved... 

Darryl J. Blinski, MD
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Tightness and soreness under the breast after Breast Augmentation

This is a fairly common feeling.I think the most likely cause is that your surgeon placed some strong sutures internally down to the ribs / chest wall, to prevent ‘bottoming out’.These are usually absorbable sutures that gradually disappear.I find that this feeling goes away in most of my patients by 3 to 4 weeks, but sometimes it takes a little longer.I wouldn’t worry though, it will go away.

Jerome Edelstein, MD
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Tightness inframammary incisions after breast augmentation

By 3-1/2 weeks after breast augmentation I expect the inframammary crease incisions to be soft and movable.

There are several issues that need to be explored by your plastic surgeon.  The scars may be starting to develop hypertrophic scar however if this is occurring out expect the scars to be red raised and itchy. 

Another issue to be concerned about is possibly capsular contraction starting although it is very early for this to happen and I doubt it.

Finally a condition called Mondors syndrome can occur in which small blood vessels new the incision developed blood clots and cause contracted appearing bands beneath the incision.

Bottom-line is please call your plastic surgeon and be seen for an examination.

Tightness and soreness may be due to Mondor's condition

Thank you for your question.  What you are experiencing could be due to blood clots in some small veins below your breasts. It commonly comes on 3-4 weeks after surgery and feels like tightness and soreness when the breasts and/or arms are lifted. If you see vertical bands or cords in that area when you raise your breasts or arms, you may have something referred to as Mondor's condition or disease.  See your plastic surgeon and he/she can instruct you on treatment. Good luck.

James McMahan, MD
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Waiting for normal feeling incisions

Thank you for posting this question, it is one I often hear in my clinic. The answer is roughly 3 months.
All the best,

James Southwell-Keely, MD, FRACS
Sydney Plastic Surgeon
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