Follow up. Is Tummy Tuck first then BBL logical? Will I still receive great results? A abdominal liposuction not necessary?

If I don't plan on getting liposuction of my abdomen. Would it be ok to do tummy tuck first or will my skin on my sides be affected if I do TT first then bbl 2nd wih lipo of flanks and sides? I wanted to have the procedures together b I don't think I will receive the results I want. So I have to do them separately is 1 wk off for bbl ok? I have a relaxed job

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Tummy tuck or BBL

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I recommend the tummy tuck first because the results are more predictable. But then - every surgeon has a different preference. Recent research shows it is possible to get enough fat even from quite thin people for a BBL.

BBL first

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I would suggest having your liposuction and fat transfer first.  Finish off your contour makeover with your tummy tuck.

BBL and tummy tuck timing

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I prefer to do it the opposite way. BBL then tummy tuck so that I can harvest as much fat from the abdomen as I can for the BBL.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Fat for BBL

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My concern would be will there be enough fat for the BBL if I do an abdominoplasty first

Dr Corbin

Frederic H. Corbin, MD
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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Really depends on how much fat you have and where. Remember, even without any lipo, you are loosing fat by excising skin/fat during tummy tuck. Typically is more of a concern as to whether or not there is enough fat to meet the goal rather than too much.

Follow up. Is Tummy Tuck first then BBL logical? Will I still receive great results? A abdominal liposuction not necessary?

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Without photos- impossible to assess accurately. However, generally speaking best to have these procedures done separately. You need to schedule an in person consultation with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in order to get best most accurate advice

Ollow up. Is Tummy Tuck first then BBL logical? Will I still receive great results? A abdominal liposuction not

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Can not respond without posting photos of areas. You have and should know that after all your previous postings??? My guess is if you desire a rather large volume increase do lipo to all area withBBL first. Than after 3 to 6 months consider full TT if needed.. Good Luck..  

Whether or not to stage liposuction

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It has been my experience that liposuction plays a very important role in contour with a tummy tuck. Unless the patient is very thin with no excess fat and only loose skin, liposuction really helps to contour the waistline including the love handles. Part of what makes an abdomen look "sexy" after a tummy tuck is the hourglass shape with a very small waistline. It is hard to say for you specifically without photos or an exam. I am a little confused about staging the liposuction. On certain patients I may suggest staging the liposuction after a tummy tuck if they have a lot of subcutaneous fat on the upper abdomen as it is not safe to liposuction this area aggressively during a tummy tuck in order to preserve blood supply to the skin flap. This might be what you are referring to. It is always best to see a plastic surgeon and form a plan together that is safe but still able to meet your aesthetic goals.

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