Do my arms look ready for surgery? Or should I tone further before pursuing? (photo)

Lost 100 lbs Definitely have a bat wing and you can see where my arm stands/muscle is. Bat wing isn't completely "empty" but I'm not an expert. Just wanted to know if I should pursue surgery for them or continue to tone and lose until they are less "full"

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Do my arms look ready for surgery? Or should I tone further before pursuing?

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Congratulations on your very significant weight loss; you should be very proud of this accomplishment! Although you are a good candidate for arm lifting now, the results will be even better if you are able to "debulk" the upper arm area even further, prior to surgery.  In other words, for the best outcome, continue your good work through diet and exercise;  seek consultation with board-certified plastic surgeons who can demonstrate significant experience achieving the types of outcomes you would be pleased with, once you have reached a plateau without any further debunking of the upper arms. You may find the attached link helpful to you as you learn more. Best wishes as you reach your goals.

Being ready for surgery

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First off, congrats on the recent weight loss! Before having any kind of surgery it is always recommend to get to your goal weight first, then go through with the surgery. You will end up with a much better result this way if you can "debulk" as much fatty tissue as possible, this will allow you to have more skin removed, giving you a much better result post operatively. Good luck and keep up the great work!

John W. Tyrone, MD
Gainesville Plastic Surgeon

Ready for arm lift?

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Hello Singyn. Congratulations on your weight loss of 100 pounds. Only through a full examination can a surgeon determine whether you're a candidate for a brachioplasty procedure now. However, the photos are highly suggestive that you're ready. Please see several board certified plastic surgeons in your area. Best, Dr. ALDO

Aldo Guerra, MD
Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon
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Congratulations on losing all that weight!

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Your arms are certainly candidates for brachioplasty (arm lift). You appear to have both fat and loose skin that would need to be removed in order to have the best result. As far as waiting, if your goal is to lose more weight then I would recommend you get to within 10lbs of your goal before undergoing surgery. If you have it done now and continue to lose more weight, chances are you won't be as satisfied with the results since your skin laxity would only become more apparent. When you are ready, make sure you consult with a board certified Plastic Surgeon! 

Dan Mills, MD
Orange County Plastic Surgeon
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