Upper eyelid surgery - uneven results. (photos)

I had an eyelid surgery 5 days ago and my eyes are uneven . One is more nice and bigger than the other . Why ? Im so tenst and sad about the appearance .

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Eyelid uneveness 5 days after lid surgery

Great question. Photos are very helpful.

It is important to photo document the healing process, and, indeed, I see that there is some difference between the two eye lids.  At 5 days out from surgery, it is entirely common to have some unevenness in the healing. Depending on the level of scrutiny, all of us have some unevenness of our upper lids before and after lid surgery.  At this point, I would inform your surgeon of your concern, perhaps even forward your photos to your surgeon, and follow his/her advice for the next few weeks and see if, in fact, the problem resolves to an acceptable level. If not, sometimes a simple, in-office mini-revision can get you the improvement you need.  I hope this is helpful.

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Uneven eyelids after surgery

Thank you for your question.  You had surgery only 5 days ago, which is generally too short of a time to determine the final position of your eyelids, and outcome of surgery.  It generally takes several weeks for all of the swelling to subside to determine the final outcome.  

Paul Nazemi, MD
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