How long is PRP effective? Is it effective for 5, 10, 15 years or life time or effective for one year? (Photo)

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PRP Scalp

Thank you for your question.  We recommend PRP once a month for 3 months then once every 6-12 months.  It is best to look at this as a treatment for hair loss, not a cure.  You will need to maintain it with ongoing treatments.  Seek out an expert in PRP for best results. Best of luck!

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Longevity of PRP for hair growth

Thank you for these questions, as they are the most asked questions for this hair growth stimulation procedure.

Best results are obtained by doing an initial series of 2 to 3 treatments spaced out five weeks between each treatment. Most patients will see some growth after the second treatment and some have shown visible growth after one treatment. I find better results are obtained when combining micro needling with the PRP injections and “Painting”. The micro needling creates channels through the upper layers of skin allowing the subsequent painted PRP to penetrate deeper.

After this initial series, best results are maintained with a touch up treatment once each year. I also recommend certain topical serums during the treatment phase which help with the growth. 

As far as PRP continuing to stimulate hair growth lasting 5, 10 or fifteen years with one treatment…I have not seen this. Best,Robert H. Cohen, M.D.

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How long is PRP effective?

rana arshad,Thanks for the question. It all depends on what condition we are treating, but in my experience PRP is most effective for the treatment of both pattern alopecia MPB and FPHL(female pattern hair loss). It works in 3/4 patients, I like to administer one treatment followed by a 2nd treatment about 2 months later. I have seen many patients have a very significant improvement that has lasted years in many. I would expect the treatment to last about one year. We offer a third treatment free, after the purchase of two. Most patients have not had the third treatment years later. That is a good since they could have the third treatment free of charge. Stay tune for updates.
Bernardino Arocha, MD

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PEP effectiveness; Englewood Cliffs, nj

In my opinion, PRP  is effective for 4 to 8 months. If you Have a genetic disorder, p r p must be continued until there is a gene treatment . Find a p r p expert. Ask questions. Hope this helps. 

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