How to tighten breasts after reduction surgery and remove scars? (Photo)

I had my breast reduction surgery when I was 17. Because of having large and saggy breasts I often used to find pain in them. After 8 years, now I find my breasts are too soft and especially when I lie down without bra (as shown in the picture) they both tend to fall in opposite directions. Also, the scars are still showing and my nipples usually remain inside. The nipple issue was even there when the breasts were not operated.

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How to tighten breasts

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Hello and thank you for posting your photos along with your question. Women can have many symptoms related to having very large breasts. These can be things like back pain, neck pain, shoulder notching and rashes under the breast, just to name a few. Usually it is best to perform a breast reduction once the breasts stop growing. Sometimes, however, young patients are so bothered by their symptoms that the surgery is performed even though their breasts have not stopped growing. When this occurs patients have to made aware that their breasts may still increase in size and that in the future they may need a revision.

Although it is difficult to come up with an accurate surgical plan without evaluating you in person and knowing what your goals are it seems as though you would benefit from a revision. You may be able to have just a breast lift alone because there is excess skin from your nipple to your breast crease. Hope this helps!

Ankur Mehta MD

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