Tear tough - Today my doc suggested filler.

Previously i have asked about tear trough/ deep lines from the inner of eyes across the cheek. At the same time he said that its effect will stay max for a year. Also i was told that it is related to genetics or too much weight loss. Im not sure but i have lost 10kg few months back. I need some guidance . Is filler the best option? After one year of the treatment will it look the same or more horrible?How long the procedure will take and finally how much it costs?

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Tear Troughs

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Fillers work very well for the tear trough area. It is important to find a reputable injector. After the filler dissolves, your tear troughs should not look any worse than when you began.

Filler for tear troughs

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Filler is one of the more difficult regions to treat either surgically or with filler. It's essential you see someone with experience in filler to this region. In my practice I use either volbella or belotero depending on the amount needed and patient preference. What you need to know when considering this procedure is that it will last variable time (approximately 12 months with volbella) and will certainly have downtime following the procedure. While not universal, there is typically bruising and swelling that can persist for up to six weeks. This swelling will come and go and be quite a nuisance especially initially. 

To determine what is best for you, photographs would be needed and an in person consultation. It is always worthwhile to seek out more than one opinion as different surgeon aesthetics may correspond more to your own than others. 

Anthony J. Wilson, MD
Portsmouth Physician
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Fillers for Tear Trough Filling

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Dear soulsearcher:

My recommendation is to use a filler like Teosyal Redensity II for filling of tear troughs.  Please see an expert injector.  All the best.

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Filler for tear troughs

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Thanks for your question! Filler is a great option for tear trough hollows and shadowing that can make you look older or tired. 

The fillers generally used for the tear trough area come in 1cc syringes generally and are usually enough to make a significant difference in your tear trough area. As far as how long it will last- think of the hyaluronic gel similar to you would a tire with a slow leak.. In 8months there will still be filler there but it will be less than there was at 4mo post injection. 

Patients are generally very happy with their result after injection. The procedure usually takes 2-5minutes and costs vary widely based on your location and physician. I do believe that Pakistan can get the same products we use here in the USA much cheaper than we can thus making your cost less as well!

Hope this helps and Good Luck!

Dr. Robb

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