Stiffness and pain in my legs when folding my knee. (Photos)

I have very visible normal (not varicose) red and purple veins ans swelling on my ankle (disappear after sleeping) running up the front of both thighs upper part of knee and heavy tightness in legs and calves. Can these be treated and what would the best treatment

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Symptoms for venous disease

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Consider to visit a Board Certified Vein Specialist to examine your legs, the evaluation should include a lower extremity venous ultrasound to check for venous insufficiency. According to the results, the doctor can decide the best treatment plan to treat your veins. Signs and symptoms of venous insufficiency are leg or ankle swelling, leg heaviness and fatigue, leg pain, aching or cramping, burning or itching of the skin among others. Thank you for your question and good luck! 

Reticular complexes of the thighs can be treated with sclerotherapy

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Thank you for posting images.

These are reticular complexes that are irritated and inflamed.

They are best treated with foam sclerotherapy.

Make sure you use topicals to reduce post sclerotherapy hyperpigmentation. 

This can be redued with 2 creams: Sclerovase and Scleroquin plus.

As well, I recommend PIH Relief Complex known as Scler-X from VenaSmart.

Hratch L Karamanoukian MD FACS

certified vein specialist (ABVLM) and double board certified surgeon

Painful veins

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The appearance and complaints of pain warrants a ultrasound venous mapping.  This test will help determine treatment plans.  It is possible you have large vein disease causing the appearance and pain you are experiencing.  A vein specialist should be able to give you the correct diagnosis.  

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Diffuse spider veins in the legs

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Diffuse spider veins should be treated with ablation (if indicated) followed by sclerotherapy to eradicate the medical and cosmetic veins in your legs. 


Dr. Karamanoukian

Los Angeles

Raffy Karamanoukian, MD, FACS
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
4.8 out of 5 stars 95 reviews

Leg pain

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Based on your symptoms and pictures, there is a good chance that you have underlying venous disease.  You should be evaluated with an ultrasound to determine if this is the cause of your discomfort and see what treatments are recommended.

Lisa Perez, MD
Atlanta Physician

Spider veins

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Spider veins are not "normal."  Before performing any cosmetic treatment on spider veins, especially if there are more than just 3 or 4 areas, I have my patients undergo a venous ultrasound (duplex) exam to look for venous insufficiency.  When the underlying saphenous veins don't work properly, they need to be treated before any effective treatment can begin on spider veins.   You have symptoms of venous insufficiency (swelling of the ankles, spider veins, and the heavy feeling you describe).  See a vein specialist for a more thorough evaluation - treatment of the underlying venous insufficiency is usually covered by insurance.  Good luck.

Suzan McGary, MD
Williamsport Thoracic Surgeon

Leg pain and prominent veins

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The veins that you show in the photo are telangiectasis, often referred to as spider veins.  They do not generally cause the type of discomfort that you described.  However, people with a large number of spider veins on the legs who experience leg pain and leg heaviness often have an underlying condition call venous reflux.  That condition can be treated , when necessary.  I recommend that you schedule an appointment with a vascular surgeon or other vein specialist.  Then a proper evaluation can be performed and a recommendation specific to your situation can be made.

Jeffrey Gosin, MD, FACS
Atlantic City Vascular Surgeon
5.0 out of 5 stars 2 reviews

Many leg veins.

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Your posted pictures reveal many spider and reticular veins.  Many times with this many veins you will have underlying venous reflux.  Before any treatment of your veins I would recommend a venous duplex sonogram to look for reflux and this may need to be treated before sclerotherapy.  See a vein specialist for an evaluation.

John Landi, MD
Naples General Surgeon

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