How to remove 6 year old stitches scars?

how can i remove my 6 years old scars of stitches on face.? i used scar fade uv gel but i didn't find any difference:(

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Scar revision

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Hey Mary and thank you for your question- 

Stitches can leave marks on the face if they're left in for too long, or occasionally if they are dissolving stitches they can also leave marks. Depending on what the marks look like, dermabrasion would be very helpful. If you skin is very pigmented though, we'd have to be careful with dermabrasion. 

some of my patients have also had good luck with retin-A which causes increased cell turnover on the skin. 

If you were my patient, we would discuss a good medical grade skin care and a small procedure like dermabrasion, laser, or chemical peel to remove the physical marks. 

Thanks for your question and good luck!

Dr. Robb

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