How can I quickly get rid of that dark skin (since 2 weeks) on my upper lips after waxing?

what can i do if i have used underarms waxing strip of veet on my upper lips and since 2 weeks approximately i am having very dark skin of upper lips like mens have after shaving.i want to get rid of that so can u please give me quick remedy or solution for this?

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Post-Waxing Facial Hyperpigmentation

Thank you for your question! Patients sometimes suffer discolorations in the skin post-waxing from being photosensitized as a result of the exfoliation of skin and hair. My best advice would be to meet with a board-certified facial plastic surgeon's office to be assessed and have professional recommendations made for you. The good news is that in most cases, this type of uneven pigment is treatable and reversible with retinols, hydroquinone (if appropriate for your skin type), and sometimes photofacial or chemical peel treatments. I hope this was helpful to you! All the best to you.

Dr. Todd Hobgood, MD

Scottsdale, AZ

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