Shall I go for PRP???

I am a 23 years old girl. Before 6 months i had this disease Alopecia Areata then i recovered from it after applying an ointment and fixing my diet. But after i gained my hair in the affected area my hair loss started severely with a thinning of hair. So my doctor recommended me with a PRP and another doctor said i can go with shampoos serums etc. What shall i do now????

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PRP to Treat Alopecia Areata

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I am sorry to hear that you have to deal with these difficulties. Alopecia areata can often be challenging to treat for several reasons. First, the biological processes underlying the condition are, unfortunately, not entirely understood at this time. We do know that it can remain dormant for long periods, only to unexpectedly “flare up” again when provoked by some internal or external trigger. Secondly, there is no reason that alopecia areata could not coexist alongside other, more common forms of hair loss, such as androgenetic alopecia, commonly called traditional genetic pattern baldness, which have completely different causes and patterns of  progression.  As a result, a thorough examination and diagnosis is necessary before any definitive treatment plan can be formulated.

However, I have had a great deal of success with advanced non-surgical hair loss treatments like red light laser therapy and platelet rich plasma. PRP in particular has proven to be particularly effective in cases of alopecia areata because it contains growth factors that work to counteract the body’s inflammatory response, the mechanism that chokes the hair follicles and stops hair growth. I often recommend to my patients a multi-pronged approach that combines different treatment approaches for maximum results. So, if your doctor agrees, combining both platelet rich plasma and topical medications together might be your best course.

Alopecia areata and PRP? ENGLEWOOD Cliffs NJ

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In my opinion, you need to be evaluated buy a hair loss expert. Although PRP has been reported to be effective with alopecia areata, I have not seen excellent results.  You need a definite diagnosis as to why your hair is shedding . Should you have a female pattern hair loss, PRP would be effective in decreasing hair loss increasing hair diameter and causing regrowth in recently  dormant hairs. Hope this helps. Good luck. 

Jeffrey Rapaport, MD
Englewood Dermatologic Surgeon
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