Low pain threshold or incorrect technique?

Got my underarms and bikini area done by the Soprano laser today. I'm a female British Pakistani, my skin is fair/meduim brown and my hair is dark and thick in the two areas Iasered. Never done it before and after reading reviews I was expecting heat and for it to be painless, but I couldn't handle the 10 second bursts in one go for my bikini area! Is my pain threshold really that low (makes me feel pathetic because I can handle waxing no problem) or is it something else? Thank you.

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Laser hair removal too hot, low pain threshold or incorrect technique?

Hello, thank you for your question. Laser hair reduction can definitely be hot. It's the follicles that are actually absorbing the heat of the laser, the more follicles in the area, the more heat. Most laser devices have cryogen cooling spray as part of the laser pulse, this cools the surface of the skin making the treatment more comfortable. Topical numbing is not recommended as it is very "topical" and the hair follicles are deep in the dermis. You can always ask the laser technician to slow down a little bit if it is too uncomfortable. 

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