Got nose bumped after rhinoplasty! Could it have deshaped or injured my nose? I'm 1 month post-op.

I had open rhinoplasty my 1.5 year old neice bumped her fist wth my nose twice 17days after my surgery.i experienced sharp pain but no bleeding the pain dulled n completly ended wthout any nsaid nearly 2hrs after the contact.Do u think it would have deshaped my nose or add an injury.Besides it has been 1 month post-op,at times sth accidently touches my nose roughly i might get a dull pain for 5-10 mins n ends wthout nsaid but i panick that it would deshape my nose and affect the result Help plz

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Bumped nose after rhinoplasty

At this early stage after surgery it is easy to cause injury or move nasal structures. However, if there is no obvious deformity following the injury, its probably best to wait and observe to see how the shape of your nose settles over the next 6-12 months and address you nasal shape as required at that stage. I suggest you see your surgeon for review as to whether your nose has been damaged

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