Whats the minimum price for hymenoplasty? Is it a painful procedure..??

i am20, from pakistan where people considr virginity of a girl everything.. as i m going to be married after 3 months.. im much worried.. i had sex with my bf when i ws 16 in 2011 n 12 like 13 or 14 times in this time period... bt then we brokeup.. i nevr got involved in such activity again.. but now im much stressed... :( pls help me out.. what should i do..?? Should i consider any fake hymen capsules or go for a surgery?? Im scared... what would be the minimum price n healing procedure??

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About The Costs and Recovery of a Hymenoplasty

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I certainly understand the importance of your concern.

The cost of Hymen repair will depend upon the experience of the doctor., as well as their training and office location.  Anesthesia and the use of an outpatient surgery center will increase fees.  The general cost for "Virginity Surgery" is about $3,000-$5,000 dollars.

Patients generally leave our office very comfortable with a small “pad” to absorb minor amounts of blood. We instruct them to soak twice a day in warm soapy water for about 10 minutes. Epsom salts can also be used to increase soothing.   A small amount of bacitracin ointment can be applied.

Bruising , swelling, numbness, and discomfort are expected and all will gradually improve over 6-12 weeks.  Most importantly, it is recommended to delay sexually active; including vaginal intercourse, for at least 6 weeks after surgery.

Your follow up visits are usually one week, six weeks, 3 and 6 months following the #hymenoplasty to ensure healthy healing. You must be patience and abide by your doctor's post-op healing instructions.

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Hymenoplasty: Preparation for Marriage

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Thank you for your question.  Having an intact hymen for intercourse on your wedding night is important for many religions and cultures.  Surgical repair is possible by a cosmetic surgeon experienced in genital surgery.  Our Institute has a center dedicated to women interested in restoring their hymen.  We are sensitive to the delicate nature of the situation and keep the utmost confidentiality.

The operation is usually straightforward and the price is usually based on the experience of the surgery and quality of results, location within the United States (midwest like Ohio less expensive than New York and California) and the facility/anesthesia fee. Although a hymenoplasty can be performed, there is never a guarantee that bleeding will occur even in a woman with an naturally intact hymen.  There are many factors involved, including thickness of the hymen, force of penetration, and the size of the penis.

I hope that this information helped answer your question.  Please refer to cosmeticurology.net for additional information.     Jeffrey S. Palmer, MD, FACS, FAAP (Cosmetic Urologist)


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Hymenoplasty (reconstruction of the hymen) is an outpatient surgical procedure. Your total time in surgery will be  6o to 90 minutes depending on the anesthesia type. You have a choice of anesthesia from local infiltration, IV sedation with local infiltration, to general anesthesia. The procedure should take about less than 20 minutes. Healing time is always 6 weeks.

Hymenoplasty doesn't guarantee bleeding

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Only you can decide whether a hymenoplasty suits your needs. You need at least 6 weeks to heal before your planned intercourse. The procedure reconstructs the hymen with the remnants of the original hymen. The first time you have sex after the surgery, the scar will break. Usually, but not always, the scar will bleed when it breaks. Most surgeons have a fixed price for this procedure that is affordable for most.

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