Is it okay to lose 2 teeth in order to get braces? (Photo)

My dentist said that my lower jaw is a bit shorter. In order to apply braces to the upper teeth in such a way that the difference between my jaws remains minimal , i have to lose 2 of my upper teeth . Now is it ok to do this because i was curious that losing two teeth will harm me in the long run . Im 19 . The dentist said that hell have to remove the 4th tooth from both the sides. I hope this picis alright.

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Is it okay to lose 2 teeth in order to get braces?

According to one photo only, it appears that you have moderate crowding of the upper teeth, and perhaps no crowding of the lower teeth. It is not necessary to have 2 upper teeth, i.e the 4th tooth removed from both right and left sides, as there is a way to treat your case without any removal of permanent teeth, by using a distalizing appliance, e.g Carriere Distalizer in your treatment, or other appropriate appliance with braces in your case. Please make sure that you are treated by a specialist, i.e. orthodontist, who can give you an alternate treatment option.

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