Lateral incisors are missing, canines have taken its place and those canines are twisted a bit. Don't know what's best for me?

Dentists suggested me for implant,bridge and shaping the canine like incisors. I dont know what to do since i am confused and dont know what will be best for me.. Need help to decide what is better for me..or which thing will help me achieve a pleasing smile.

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Missing laterals , best cosmetic options

Agree with Dr. Klasfield, pictures are needed. Generally speaking, several options;1) Redevelop the arches to open the space and then consider dental implants or conservative bridges (bonded on backside so no prep needed) to correct your smile and replace the missing teeth.  2) Consider veneers to reshape the cuspids to look like laterals, however, the best results will be achieved by doing 8 teeth as the cuspids are too wide to look like laterals so they need to be slenderized and the space shared with the adjacent teeth.  Also, the bicuspids need to be veneered to look like cuspids. Complex cosmetic dentistry but great results can be achieved.Send photos!

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Missing laterals

Pictures would help here.  It may be possible to just shape the canines into laterals as you have mentioned but hard to say without photos.

Joel Klasfeld, DDS
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