Had LASIK done on both eyes 9/2016. Doctor aborted procedure on my left eye and now it's blurry. Will it get better with time?

During surgery the Doctor lost Flap on my left eye and He abort the procedure, he couldn't find Flap. He applied soft bandage lense on my left eye. My left eye vision was -1.75 before. I was expecting my left eye again -1.75 but didn't happen and my my left eye is blury and cant read. The Doctor said you have to wait for 4 month n it will get better and we will do LASIK again after 6 months. It seems my left eye is -7 now . Will it get better with time ? And with LASIK will it be 6/6 again after 6 months?

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You do have to wait a while prior to another procedure.  Since you don't have the flap this will change your refraction. I would suggest that you be patient for a stable refraction.  You may want to get a second opinion from an experienced lasik surgeon. 

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