invisalign treatment.

i am 30 year's old .i have over jet teeth's .my doctor advice me to remove 2nd premolar teeth's of lower and question is ,Are invisalign closes my extraction teeth's and fix my over jet teeth's problem?and how long will the treatment goes?

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Are Extractions Necessary To Eliminate an Overjet?

Be EXTREMELY careful BEFORE extracting any teeth to do orthodontic treatment. Your overjet is more than likely caused by your lower jaw being too far back. If you extract teeth and pull your upper jaw back to meet your lower jaw that is already too far back then both of your jaws are in the wrong position. 

It is MUCH BETTER to bring your lower jaw forward to eliminate your overjet. It will greatly improve your facial profile, upper lip support, TMJ health and airway health.

Find a doctor who understands functional jaw orthopedics/epigenetic orthodontics BEFORE agreeing to extract any teeth for orthodontic treatment.

Good luck!

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