I'd like to have implants in my breasts after removal due to cancer? (Photos)

Dear Doctor My Name is Amina Sabir 37 years old married. i would like to implant my breast which was removed due to cancer and i have complete all my treatment like Chemotherapy, Radiation etc. All the treatment record are attached for your kind information.

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Breast reconstruction

If you had radiation, then just going straight for implants is not advised.  You need a "flap" of some sort, to bring in non radiated tissue.  Implants do not do well if you have had radiation because the blood flow is limited and they tend to get infected or have capsule issues.  If you like the implant look, you might be able to get a Latissimus flap with an implant.  This is a conversation that needs to happen in-person, and after a thorough exam to determine the best sites from which to take your flap.  The most common locations to take a flap from are the abdomen and the back, although there are others.  Do they do reconstruction in Pakistan?  I'm assuming yes, but as I mentioned, be careful about doing implants only if you've had radiation.  I would not advise it.

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