Is it safe for me to continue with my pregnancy or should I discontinue?

As I was not planning anymore children 5 years back I got a tummy tuck and 2 years back I got gastric sleeves. So is it safe for me to continue with my pregnancy or should I discontinue

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Your OB-GYN doctor can discuss issues of safety for your pregnancy.

Greetings,     Your OB-GYN doctor can discuss issues of safety with you regarding your pregnancy.  Your bariatric surgeon can help you to discuss the impact of a gastric sleeve on your pregnancy.     Your tummy tuck will suffer from the weight gain of a pregnancy.  The abdominoplasty probably will need to be revised or redone after you are done with your childbearing.  You should discuss this with your plastic surgeon.      Best Regards,

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Pregnancy post tummy tuck

Thanks for your inquiry.  Having a tummy tuck procedure and gastric sleeve should not jeopardize your pregnancy.  The pregnancy may compromise the results of your tummy tuck, but it should affect your pregnancy. 

Eugene Kim, MD
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Neither a tummy tuck nor a gastric sleeve will interfere with pregnancy.

Many women become pregnant and safely carry their babies to term after a tummy tuck or bariatric surgery. Neither of these procedures poses a risk to a viable pregnancy. It’s important for you to schedule an appointment with your Ob/Gyn, who can perform a thorough check up and can advise you about anything you need to know. If you decide to continue with your pregnancy, there is the likelihood that your baby will undo your tummy tuck results. You can seek revision surgery at a future date.

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Neither the gastric sleeve nor the tummy tuck should interfere with the pregnancy. However, the pregnancy might undo the tummy tuck. Be sure to continue with good nutrition and vitamins during your pregnancy.

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Dr Derby

Thank you for your question. I would not like to make that decision for you. There are patients that get pregnant after TT and it is okay but it will damage the result of your surgery a bit. Best of luck

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