I am a girl with MRKH syndrome, need to know about risk of loss of sexual sensations after Vaginoplasty?

I am a case RKMH syndrome.i am about to get married n i am really tense that if i would be able to satisfy my partner sexually or not.if vaginoplasty would affect my sexual sensations

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Dear Dr Sabeen

A vaginoplasty is really a generic term which means "surgery of the vagina".  Most surgeons use the term to mean "vaginal tightening".  What you are interested in is a "neovagina".  A neovagina surgery is much much more specialized than even doing a vaginoplasty.   Most women who find out they have vaginal agenesis actually have an underlying condition known as MRKH or AIS.   MRKH has a prevalence of 1/5000 women and these women are born with only a dimple of a vagina.   My partner and have been performing laparoscopic Neovagina surgery since 1999.  I learned this least invasive technique known as the Davydov Procedure in Russia that year and since have performed more than 400 cases with a 97-98% satisfaction rate.  This means the woman is able to have intercourse without pain and she is happy with the results of the surgery.  

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