I have a gap between my front two teeth. With time, the gap gets wider. Your suggestions?

Hello am sherry Rehman,am worried about my teeth.according to my doctor it's because of bite and genetic.right?he said there is no solution for this problem.clean your teeth.with the time this process become slow.but it goes wider.another doctor suggests cover your teeth.it save your teeth.unfortunately I have no information about this.good for me or not?

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Gap between teeth getting wider

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The gap is most likely getting wider because your upper teeth are moving outward.  This happens because the lower teeth are striking the inside of your upper front teeth too heavily, causing them to spread apart as they move outward.  Your bite needs to be adjusted to eliminate this excessive pressure.  Then your teeth can be moved back with Invisalign or braces, or the space can be closed with bonding or veneers.  0nce the space is closed, you should have a retainer or nightguard made and wear it every night.  

Gapped teeth, gap between the teeth

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Photograph would be very helpful to assess your situation.  However, if you do not want the gap to widen its best to get a retainer that keeps the teeth in the same position.  If you want to close the gap, depending on the size of the gap either bonding or porcelain veneers would be a good option. 

 However, even after closing the gap you need to wear a retainer to make sure the gap does not reappear again.


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