Will my hair regrow? I have traction alopecia, I don't pull my hair or do tight ponytails or braids. (photos)

Hi, I have healthy thick black hair, I did crash diet for almost two months and i stayed at a hill station for a month the water was really hard for my hair, when i returned home my hair were dry and brittle, i noticed hair breakage on the front , sides and a little at the back of my head, I have traction alopecia now, I dont pull my hair, i donot use any chemicals or hair straightner etc. im back on my normal diet Will my hair grow back?

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Traction alopecia

If the cause of the traction alopecia is gone and the loss is short term, then it might grow back. If it is a chronic thing that you are doing, it may never come back

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Hair loss in women

To properly diagnose hair loss in women, an up close exam needs to be done. You needs to be seen in person by a physician. It's not clear based on the photos and story you have told what diagnosis you have.Telogen effluvium, androgenetic alopecia, traction and alopecia areata need to all be considered.

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