Is my gum recession a consequence of ortho treatment and do I need gum graft surgery? (Photo)

My orthodontic treatment has been going for 3 yrs and now my gums have receded is this a consequence of ortho treatment? Im 21 years old.

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Gum Recession

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Hi, thank you for your question regarding orthodontic treatment and gum recession. Ortho treatment does not necessarily cause gum recession. Gum recession can occur because of a few things coming together at the same time. If you have very thin gums, which is hereditary, the way that your teeth are being positioned, the consistency of the home care, and many other reasons, contribute to gum recession. If the recession is progressing during the orthodontic treatment, then the otho treatment needs to be postponed and the recession treated. Good luck!

Gum recession

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There are many things that can create a situation where gum recession occurs. I wouldn't say that the orthodontics caused the recession but they may have created a situation where the teeth became more at risk for recession. One problem is that we don't have a before photo for comparison. It is possible that your awareness of the situation is enhanced because you are more aware of your teeth in general. there also appears to be plaque buildup and inflammation which aren't helping the situation. Ask your orthodontist for a referral to a periodontist to discuss grafting this area. It will be important to help maintain the health of these teeth down the road. 

Vicki Borowski, DDS
Dallas Dentist

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