What is the cause of drooping eyelids at the age of 22?

I m from pakistan i m female, i have a big problem that i cant understand i m only 22 but i experienced that my eyelids are dropping instantly i had sone itch and irritation earlier but after this i felt my skin arouns eyes are very loose and more delicate it makes my eyes worsen please give me some advice i am in worry

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Drooping Eyelids at 22

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The most common reason that eyelids become pre-maturely droopy is because of genetics. If your mother or father has heavy eyelids, it is a pretty clear indication that the heaviness atop your eyes is linked to this hereditary trait. Environmental and lifestyle factors such as exposure to the sun and high levels of stress can also contribute to the droopiness of your eyelids. It is normal that you are feeling worried. Still, this should not be the cause of major concern as the condition can be easily corrected with blepharoplasty surgery and can sometimes be significantly approved through the use of fillers. If you are considering cosmetic treatment to rejuvenate the appearance of your upper eyelids, schedule a consultation appointment with a board certified plastic surgeon near you

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