Can dental bonding be removed risk freely? (photo)

About 6 months ago i had a small but visible gap filled by dental bonding between my front two teeth. The dentist roughened the insides of both my teeth using a rough paper. And then did the procedure. I am now considering to get it removed because it is just adding unnessary complication to my life and my original gap was ok. So is it possible for me to get it removed permantly without any damage and will it look exactly like it did before bonding? I am getting mixed opions online on this. Help

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Removal of bonding

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As you stated yourself in the remarks after the question, the dentist roughened the tooth prior to bonding, which is normal protocol to increase bond strength.  Even with careful removal of the bonding there is going to be some change due to the roughening of the enamel.  Your dentist should be able to polish the tooth but they cannot place enamel back that was already removed.  

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