Last day of 6 weeks after hymenoplasty but I still feels the sutures?

Today is my last after 6 weeks of hymenoplasty but I still felt sutures while washing that area. I'm confused when will the sutures dissolve now?

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Keep your fingers out of your vagina before you break your hymenoplasty scar

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Sutures dissolve in 6-8 weeks, not 6 weeks and zero seconds. If they're still there, then they need a few more weeks to dissolve.

When will my hymenoplasty sutures dissolve?

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When your surutes will dissolve depends on the type and caliber of your sutures. What you feel is the know where your stitches were tied. The knot dissolves last, and usually takes 6-8 weeks to fall out.


Michael P Goodman, MD

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