I have a curved nose (similar to attached picture), and blocked nostril. Any suggestions? (photos)

please guide me what should i do my nose was broken when i was 12 years, and size of my nose is increasing, mostly one of my nostrils blocks, either left or either right one.that's why i have to take breath from just one nostril and most of the time i have runny nose and excessive sneezing,now,

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Septal deflection with asymmetry can be difficult but amenable to improvement

Thank you for the photo and question.  Your photo shows a substantial deflection of the septum leading to the severe nasal asymmetry and may be the cause of your symptoms.  A more detailed review of your history and examination is necessary before one can conclude whether this has arisen from previous trauma.  Most patients with asymmetries presenting in my practice are developmental and not the result of an extrinsic event.  

Nonsurgical injectables have no role for this type of nasal anomaly.  Surgical straightening of a severe septal deflection is a technical challenge with full correction often not possible. Nevertheless vast improvement can be anticipated with a good surgical plan and meticulous technique.  I recommend you seek out a reputable nasal surgeon in your community to review you options.

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