Black pigmentation after a one time fraxel for 4 weeks?

With due respect, Sir i received my first Fraxel 4 weeks ago. My face in turn was swollen then pinky in color then bronze; but it remained dark and this dark color doesn't go away. I haven't exposed my face to sun bcz i wear a veil. I am Asian from Afghanistan. Please help me with the treatment. Thanks

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Pigmentation from Pakistan

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I am so sorry for your problem.  I treat many patients from the Middle East and if your skin is type III or darker then the eMatrix is a better laser for you.  Fraxel can leave you hyper pigmented with darker skin types.  You will need to consult an expert about chemical peels and bleaching creams to correct this pigmentation.  Cosmelan may also be effective depending on the degree of damage.  These lasers are excellent but must be used with the correct settings for the proper skin types and indications.  Please consult an expert.  Best, Dr. Green

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