I'm 6 weeks post op, and my arms are swollen and asymmetrical. Is this normal? (Photo)

It's been 6 weeks since my brachioplasty. 2 weeks after surgery my arms looked thinner but now they swollen and bigger in size. Attached are photos of left and right arms after 6 weeks. There seems asymmetry in arms.

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Swollen arms

It is not uncommon to have swelling for months following an arm lift. If you have been using your arms a lot, you may just be swollen from that. If your arms are less swollen in the morning and worsen as the day progresses then that may be why. For patients that use their arms a lot I often recommend compression garments for 4-10 weeks. This would best be discussed with you plastic surgeon.

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Swollen arms

Final results can take up to a year for all swelling to go down. A compression garment will assist in a smooth result.  However if there is redness accompanied with a fever it may be a sign of infection. Follow up with your PS. You should have frequent follow ups for the first 3 months post surgery.

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