My abdomen Vaser Lipo was 2 months ago. After two weeks, a pouch of seroma aspirated 7 times, now it fills with blood? (Photo)

6tt week post lipo a pouch filled with blood and was stony hard I aspirated myself it was pure thick blood and filled soon during 3 week traveling blood was drained through syring 6 times .every time about 40 to50ml .when i came back and visited my P.S said that leave it for two months then I will make a simple vaser lipo of that pouch.I have done altrasound wich shows it is hematoma but my ps says it is not hematoma .i am felling numbness in my left hand and fingures now what should i do?

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VASER lipo seroma

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serums need intensive treatment with aspiration and compression. If it persists, you may need the seroma sac surgically excised. Repeat VASER would be a bad idea. ultrasound will identify fluid but not type of fluid so if you PS says its a seroma, then its a seroma especially since he has aspirated it multiple times and it is serous fluid and bot blood. All surgical procedures (even cosmetic) have known and predictable complications. Post-Vaser seroma is extremely common, but not 6 weeks out.

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