3 months post op, implants are hard, high, & nipples facing down. No drop and fluff. Is this normal?

I got 325cc HP textured partial unders through crease incision three months ago. They look almost exactly as they did on day 1 - minus the swelling. I know there's no CC because they move around inside the pocket freely. I understand the muscle fibers aren't acting as a "sling" due to improper dissection because the implants don't displace when I contract the muscles they just get squished. Everything seems ok just that they're not at all dropping, feel hard and look odd. What's wrong here?

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Volume redistribution of implants after three months should be nearly complete.

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It would be useful to post a photograph but by three months most of the time the implant has "fallen" into position. What is your plastic surgeon have to say about this?

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