10 and a half month in rhinoplasty, is this bump on nose bridge temporary? (Photo)

The middle one is how my nose used to be from the side. The bridge looked plane and no bumps. I had a septo-rhinoplasty on 27th nov 2015 and now it looks like this. There is a bump if you look it from the side, it's not even. ,From the front it looks better than it used to be but it looks WORSE when looked from the side and even from the front the same bump is somewhat visible but its QUITE apparent from the side. My nose looked PERFECT from the side and now it looks bumpy.

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Bump after rhinoplasty

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Most people don't want bumps on their nose after rhinopalsty, especially if it wasn't there before rhinoplasty.  Speak to your surgeon about the cause and what might be done to correct it.

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Retouches after 12 months

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After seen your pic and read you are 10 monts post op. Maybe on your dorsum there is a minimal excess of cartilage. Wait until  having 12 months, talk to your Doctor. Maybe some minor retouch is going to be needed if it bothers you a lot. Keep follow up with your plastic surgeon.


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