Deviated septum & crooked nose, is there no solution for it? How can I find appropriate surgeon for me who can correct it?

I have gone through most of the articles about nose job done on crooked nose ,deviated neither of them seems to be happy with the result.their nose looks still crooked n revision surgery is advised.why is it so ,? How they can be assured of better result after going under the knife for the second time? if you can't correct a crooked nose wht else is left? Bcoz people are annoyed of off-centered nose more than any thing? 

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Septorhinoplasty for deviated septum and crooked nose

A septoplasty is performed when there is a deviated septum present due to blockage of airflow in the back of the nose from obstructing cartilage and bone. A septoplasty is done for medical necessity and is billed to the patient's insurance.
A rhinoplasty is performed for cosmetic purposes to straighten a crooked nose. Medial and lateral osteotomies of the nasal bones will straighten them. Occasionally a spreader graft composed of the patient's own cartilage is also required to be placed underneath a concave upper lateral cartilage in the mid vault area.
A septoplasty and rhinoplasty can be performed at the same time under one anesthetic. Even in experienced rhinoplasty surgeon's hands at 10-15% touch-up rate is acceptable
For many examples of crooked nose repair in our practice, please see the link below to our rhinoplasty photo gallery

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Correcting the crooked nose

Correcting the crooked nose can be achieved by first identifying the cause of the deviation. Causes can be secondary to trauma, previous surgery, off center upper jaw or maxilla, lack of support, and deviation of the septum. 

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