Can I Go Paintball Shooting 1-2 Months After Septorhinoplasty?

Hi, I'm getting a SeptoRhinoPlaste soon, Would I be able to go paintball shooting about a month after? my surgeon told me I would have to be very careful shortly after. A paintball mask protects your nose but is it Ok? Thanks, Mendy.

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Can I Go Paintball Shooting 1-2 Months After Septorhinoplasty?

You really must follow your surgeon’s advice.  I caution my patients, especially for the immediate two weeks after rhinoplasty surgery, that they must be very cautious about avoiding any nasal trauma i.e., small children hitting their nose, sports etc.  If nasal trauma within that two week window is severe enough, you may require further surgery.  Can you wear a protective helmet with face protection?   I would think that now following the surgery you would want to avoid any potential injury.  Perhaps paintball outings should be postponed?   Nasal bones are often repositioned during rhinoplasty which means that there are controlled nasal fractures.   These “broken bones” require time to heal properly.   It often takes 4-6 weeks for this to occur. 

Jonathan Ross Berman, M.D. , F.A.C.S.

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Paintball Shooting 1-2 Months after a Septorhinoplasty

I advise my patients to avoid nasal trauma for 6 weeks after a septorhinoplasty. I understand that you wear a mask, but it could be dislodged and hit your nose. Why take that chance after spending all that time and money for your surgery? You have the rest of your life to go paintball shooting.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
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