I Have a Very Painfull Keloid Scar on my Shoulderblade. Injections (With Cortisone) Don't Work. What Can I Do? (photo)

Hi doctors, I need help. The Keloid (7 years old) is really painfull and nothing has worked (injections with painkiller and cortisone have only resulted in even more pain and after treatment I've had the painfull stings for a two days (had to get morfine for it becaure it was unbearable and even that wasn't enough to relieve the pain). Doctors in Holland have never heard of this reaction but it feels as if someone is stabbing me in the back with a knife. Please help me!

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Painful keloid scar

Sorry to hear about your problem.  Since you recently had Kenalog injection, you should give it some time for it to work.  Kenalog injection can be repeated every month for couple times.  If the keloid does not improve with Kenalog, then scar revision with/without radiation is an option.  Unfortunately, the location of your scar is not very favorable; so recurrence is possible.  

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