I Have a Painful Pea Size Lump on my Mons Pubis After my TT, Should I be Concerned?

Hello, its been 5 weeks since my TT with lipo of the flanks and breast augmentation , i have just notice a painful pea size lump on my mons pubis close to my scar in the middle section, it doesnt feel or look like an ingrowing hair, it feels sharp and painful to the touch, should i be concern?? my PS is on Vacation can this wait??? or should i see a doctor right away?? thank you

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Incision site pain after tummy tuck

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Your pain could be caused by a suture reaction to the buried sutures, a developing infection, a cyst or various other things If your plastic surgeon is on vacation, then contact his office and inquire who is covering his practice. If something is painful, its evaluation and treatment should not be deferred.

Lump Over Mons After Tummy Tuck

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Generally, part of a tummy tuck procedure involved tightening the abdominal fascia, or "inside" girdle to flatten the abdomen and thin the waist. Many surgeons,myself included, use permanent suture to perform the tightening. I suspect the lump you are feeling is the knot at the end of the suture. Another possibility is that you are feeling some swelling from a drain sight. Let your surgeon know. They may be able to remove or bury the knot, or treat an area of swelling.

Karen Vaniver, MD
Kennewick Plastic Surgeon
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