Painful Nose and Swelling Three Years After Surgery for a Fractured Nose? (photo)

I have fractured my nose twice, 2001 and 2009 each was followed by surgery to repair. After the first surgery everything healed properly and I never had problems. After the surgery in 2009 I developed a bump towards the top of the nose. My surgeon told me it was a bone spur and wouldn't cause problems and that he could go back in and shave it down if it bothered me. I chose not too. It is three years later and my nose is in constant pain! It swells still and is super uncomfortable HELP!!!!

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Bump and Pain after Rhinoplasty

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   The pain should be evaluated by a plastic surgeon with an in person evaluation.  The bump can certainly be improved, but this may not improve the pain.  See a plastic surgeon with ELITE credentials to address your situation.

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