How Painful is a Labiaplasty Injection?

Are labia injections managed with tylenol? Or does the pain often require other medication?

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Pain with labial injections

The labial area is quite sensitive and topical pain control ba be a relief. Some will appreciate a local anesthetic to follow. Pain medication after can be as simple as cooling, and Tylenol or stronger medication as needed will see you through.

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Pain after labia injection

I presume that when you use the term, "labia injection", you are referring to injection of the labia majora to fill out the redundant skin. An alternate injection would be of the labia minora with local anesthetic in order to reduce their size. I typically use fat for the labia injection and inject local anesthesia into both the labia as well as the fat donor site. These shots hurt some but are usually well tolerated with some mild oral sedation. After the procedure there is swelling and soreness but rarely sharp pain. Cold compresses, ibuprofen and occasional narcotic pain medicines should be sufficient in the early post-op period. Overall this is a well tolerated procedure. I hope this helps.


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Labial Injections

The labia major can injected with fat to restore volume.  Other options that are less common are injections with synthetic fillers such as Sculptra.   These procedures are usually done under local anesthesia.   After the procedure a significant amount of swelling and some pain is expected for a few days.  In most cases, these are be managed with cold compresses and ibuprofen.   Narcotic or other pain medications are rarely needed.

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