I Have Painful Fibroid Cystic Breast Right Now. My Ba is in 16 Days! How Would This Interfere or Impact Surgery and Recovery?

I have painful fibroid cystic breast disease and I have my BA scheduled in 16 days 8/27/2012. I'm concerned because I have cysts in both breast! How would this interfere / impact surgery and recovery? I'm having my silicone implants placed under the muscle, areola incision. I have received medical clearance from my primary care Doctor to proceed with my surgery, but I'm still worried.

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Painful Fibroid Cystic Breast. How Would This Interfere or Impact Surgery and Recovery?

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It may increase the post-op pain some, but that should be temporary.The one thing you might want to discuss with your surgeon is whether using an incision in the breast fold would be a better choice--it would be my preference, because there would be little (or no) contact with breast tissue during the operation. 


Thanks for your question, and good luck with your upcoming surgery.

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