Painful Bump After Mole Shaved On Abdomen Over 1.5 Months Ago. Got Infected, Left a Pink Scar, Now A Painful Mass?

The mole was located on my abdomen and approximately 12 mm in diameter. Biopsy results were negative and I followed wound care instructions provided by my dermatologist. About 1-2 weeks later, it became infected and macerated. I started bacitracin, left the wound open to air and it cleared with with a week. For the past month the mole has appeared to be healed, nothing left but a bright pink scar. But today I noticed a painful cyst-like mass under the scar tissue. What could this be?

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Mole removal

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It could be a thickened scar or a cyst.  I would recommend that you see your physician for follow-up. 

Seattle Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Painful Bump After Mole Removed

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It could be a hypertrophic scar, which is a thickened scar that occurs in some individuals in some locations. Best option is to see your dermatologist to determine whether it is a hypertropic scar or keloid or perhaps a cyst. If it is a thickened scar, there are many options to flatten or soften the scar, including intralesional steroids (i.e. steroids inject into the scar) and pulsed dye lasers. Good luck.

Andrew Kaufman, MD
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Keloid Scars Are Common On The Trunk

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It is definitely possible to develop a cyst at the site of a surgical procedure. While I could never diagnose your problems without properly examining it, some people are also predisposed to developing keloid scars after any type of surgery or trauma to the skin. This is especially true on the trunk, head and neck. Keloid scars occur when the body over heals itself, laying down excessive amounts of scar tissue. The infection that occurred after your biopsy could have also interfered with the healing process and contributed to the development of this scar tissue. Many complain of itching and pain associated with keloid scars. Thankfully, there are treatments available. You should see the doctor that performed the biopsy or a dermatologist for options.  

Adam J. Mamelak, MD
Austin Dermatologic Surgeon

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