Painful Lymths After TT with Lipo to Flanks 3 Weeks PO. Encountered a friend with MRSA, What Should I Look Out For?

Painful Lymths After TT with Lipo to Flanks at Least 2 weeks. I Have not been sick in years (10 +) Recovery is has been good considering my age (59+ a couple). Drain fell out. Today I woke up with the flu..fever, headache, snivels. I am 3 weeks out. Only covenant, a friend came over at Chrsitmas(days ago not weeks) and said he was being treated for MRSA, I did not touch him and he was on antibioctis What am I watching for. I have a little red mark where the last drain came out a week ago, it is not scabbed yet but has a healing appearance, not changed.

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Tummy Tuck and Infection?

Thank you for the question.

Based on your description of your “contact” with your friend, it does not sound like you  have much to worry about. Signs of infection include redness, abnormal discharge, fever/chills etc. Of course, you would do best with direct examination by your plastic surgeon ( for probable reassurance).

Best wishes for an otherwise uneventful recovery.

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