Can you still have an dental implants if your teeth had broken off?

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Dental Implants for Broken Teeth

If your cracked tooth has extended below your gum line, it is no longer treatable and in most cases, cannot be saved. You will need to have the tooth extracted or pulled, and then have a dental implant surgically placed.In my practice, I take a 3-D image of your mouth. The image will show the intricate details of your bone structure, teeth, and gums. I plan the implant placement using guided implant surgery technology that ensures the most comfortable and natural fit. Depending on your case, you may or may not need a sinus lift. A sinus lift or augmentation makes dental implants possible for patients who do not have adequate bone density in the upper back jaw. This condition has prevented dental implant placement in the past. Bone grafts are sometimes used to strengthen your existing jawbone where the missing tooth was. Bone grafts give greater density, and once fused to the bone will better accommodate the dental implant. Ridge augmentation, also known as ridge maintenance grafts can help patients who have had jawbone recession because of tooth loss. Ridge augmentation helps fill in the areas that may be indented after dental implant placement. This occasionally happens in patients who have had severe gum disease. The indentations are hard to clean and can look unnatural.  Dental implants are the best option for missing teeth, but you must see a qualified dental implant dentist to make sure that everything goes smoothly. Good luck!

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Dental Implants to Replace Broken Teeth

Yes, you should be able to have dental implants placed, even immediately after removing them.  This will require proper treatment planning and getting a 3D Cone beam CT scan to evaluate the surrounding bone.  You may require some bone grafting at he time of implant placement or even prior if there is not enough good quality bone to place the implant with a good long term outcome.  See a board certified oral and maxillofacial surgeon near you to discuss your options  

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Implant to replace a broken tooth

If you have a broken tooth, chances are good that you can have it replaced with an implant.  Your surgeon can evaluate the amount and quality of your existing bone and advise you regarding placing an implant.  Sometimes it is best to extract what is left of the tooth and place a ridge preservation bone graft to help ensure that the site is optimal for receiving the implant.  Good luck!

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Dental Implant for broken teeth

Yes, this is especially true when teeth have broken and are not restorable. This is one of the main reasons why dental implants are placed. Dental implants are designed to provide a foundation for replacing teeth that look, feel, and function like natural teeth. I would encourage you to visit a dental implant specialist for an evaluation.

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A tooth which has broken off is the perfect situation to have an implant placed and restored with a crown.  It is the best option as it does not require drilling down of the teeth on each side of the broken tooth as a bridge would.  An implant is like having a real tooth again, and you can brush and floss it just like the tooth that it replaces.  It is not removable like some kind of removable appliance which could also be used to fill the gap of a lost tooth and is a more desirable option since it is esthetic and doesn't have the drawbacks of a removable appliance.Douglas Jopling, DDSDallas, TX area

Dental implant for broken teeth

yes. Absolutely. once the broken tooth is extracted, depending on its position and health and form of its surrounding bone, an immediate implant can be placed. Otherwise allow it to heal for 2-3 months and then replace with an implant.

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